About us

Art Geek has been created by a supermum of 4 with the help of her tribe and some great friends.

We are great at finding old toys and collectible items, We also own alot of our own collections “hordes” my friends like to call them 😂

We decided to sell all the excess collectors items by attending local comicons as a hobby.

My oldest son thought it would make an exciting great business selling the art and collectibles full time so here we are with this website.

I’m an artist I sculpt, paint, draw and make fantasy puppets (not just an artist either quite multi talented). I also have a lot of arty friends who’s art I will also be selling and showcasing.

We can do custom works and restorations, just ask away 🐵

My oldest son is 15 Years old he has aspergers syndrome, his speciality is Pokemon cards, comic books, retro computer games.

You could say thay I’m the art and he is the geek!

We make a great team.

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