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Game Reviews And Streams Coming Soon!

Here at art geek we have access to plenty of gamers and plan on publishing new and retro game reviews and providing links to game streams. Please reply here or contact us @ or via facebook if you are interested in linking or providing any content. your all also welcome to add your gamertags […]

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About us

Art Geek has been created by a supermum of 4 with the help of her tribe and some great friends. We are great at finding old toys and collectable items, We also own alot of our own collections “hordes” my friends like to call them 😂 We decided to sell all the excess collectors items […]

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Events 2019/20 and where to find us

Our shop is active just needs a slight bit of organisation and more Art and Geek adding if theres anything you require please contact us we are happy to see if we can fulfil any requests :) If you have any problems using our site or the shop please contact us via facebook or email […]

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